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Skill: Athletics
Governing Attribute:
1 second of Swimming: +0.03
1 second of Running: +0.02

The Athletics skill trains and conditions one for running and swimming. Skilled athletes move short and long distances over land with speed and efficiency, and they also swim swiftly underwater.


[edit] Character Creation

The following races receive bonuses to their Athletics skill:

The following classes have Athletics as a Major skill:

The following classes have Athletics as a Minor skill:

[edit] Trainers

The Master Trainer of Athletics is Adibael Hainnabibi, who can be found at his yurt at Kaushtababi Camp. Other trainers of note are:

See Athletics Trainers for the complete list.
*This NPC is hostile.

[edit] Books

The following books will increase your Athletics skill:

[edit] Factions

The following factions include Athletics as one of their favored skills:

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