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A vampire is commonly defined as "A preternatural being, commonly believed to be a reanimated corpse, that is said to suck the blood of sleeping persons at night." It is commonly accepted vampires are undead. Since they have no place in the natural ecology it is difficult to describe them in terms familiar to the zoologist, but there are parallels which may be drawn via analogies which shall not be stretched too thinly. Vampires do not age, rot, or fall victim to diseases, but there is a noticeable life-cycle of sorts. Vampires do not consume food as we do, but they must "feed" before they may rest, and they must feed at least once every 24 hours. Unlike lycanthropes, they are not required to feed on the blood of the innocent, but may instead sustain themselves on the blood of any creature. Some of those vampires living within human domains which are close to the various dungeons may be augmenting or even basing their diet on the creatures within those dungeons. This would certainly do wonders to maintain their deception. (more...)

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Did you know...

  • ... that the Shivering Isles is split into two distinct regions; Mania, the lighthearted side of its ruler's madness, and Dementia, the darker side?
  • ... reading Elder Scrolls will result in the reader eventually losing their eyesight?
  • ... that the publican at the Inn of Ill Omen will buy your stolen goods?
  • ... that Arena was originally going to be played entirely in a single arena, hence the rather irrelevant title and original box art?
  • ... that the Dawnguard was originally formed to contain the Jarl of Riften's vampire son sometime in the Second Era?
  • ... that there are seventeen different types of Khajiit, and which type of Khajiit is born is tied to the Lunar Lattice?
  • ... that Imperials were not a distinct race until Redguard?
  • ... that the Ka Po' Tun are ancient enemies of the Tsaesci?
  • ... that there are 61 different kinds of glyphs on the Elder Scrolls, as well as a star map of the real world southern polar region?
  • ... that most buildings in Skyrim are built partly underground to conserve heat, and are made primarily of stone, with wood used only for support, and roofs of straw above the wood?

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