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Type Province
Continent Tamriel
Appears in Arena, Online
Nation: Valenwood
Capital: Falinesti
Native Populace: Bosmer, Imga
Founded: 1E 0
Head-of-State: King (until 4E 29),
Thalmor (as of 4E 201)
Official Language: Bosmeris
Currency: Septim
Illustration of a typical Bosmer male

Valenwood is a densely forested, sub-tropical province of the Cyrodilic empire that makes up the southwest coastal plain of Tamriel. Valenwood borders Elsweyr to the east and Cyrodiil to the north, partially divided from the latter by the Strid River, and is just across the sea from Summerset Isle. Its landscape consists of rolling hills and light blue rivers, predominantly covered in rainforest and woodland.

The best way to describe Valenwood is in A Pocket Guide to the Empire, which describes it as "A sea of endless green, a maze of foliage with half-hidden cities growing like blooms from a flower, the home of the Bosmer is Tamriel's garden."[1] Along the province's northern border with Cyrodiil are highland plateaus with hundreds-foot tall trees, overlooking the swamp lowlands leading southwest to Falinesti.[2] One unusual feature of Valenwood is its gigantic, migratory trees that can contain entire cities. Falinesti in particular is a mile-high tree holding an entire city in its branches that was described in A Dance in Fire. Falinesti used to migrate south in the winter, but it has recently stopped walking for unknown reasons.

[edit] History

Valenwood, as a jungle, was home to quite some interesting creatures. A Pocket Guide to the Empire gives us a list of these; "Before man or mer came to Valenwood, it was home to a salmagundi of creatures and strange civilizations. Centaurs, hippogriffs, satyrs, minotaurs, giants, basilisks, fairy folk, hydra, and intelligent apes all flourished there before the first Aldmeri stepped onto its shores."[1] Like all Elves, the Aldmer had to adapt to their environment, and they became the present day Bosmer. For the support of Y'ffre, in helping them adapt, the Bosmer promised not to harm the forest. The first king of Valenwood, who started the Camoran Dynasty, was King Eplear. He succeeded in uniting the wild Bosmer. He also welcomed other races, especially the Ayleids, who fled from Alessia's slave rebellion. In 1E 340, he also welcomed the Empire, agreeing to a trade treaty with the now Ayleid-free men. However, the prophet Marukh's controversial teachings would bring tension between the Camoran Dynasty and the Empire. As a war was brewing, Valenwood killed Skyrim's king, Borgas, in a Wild Hunt, putting the Nords in turmoil for 50 years. The reign of Empress Herta only intensified the conflict between Valenwood and Cyrodiil, as she improved Cyrodilic relations with the Colovian West.

In 1E 2714, weakened by warfare and a plague from the Sload of Thras, Valenwood fell to Cyrodiil. The Empire then gave independence to each city of Valenwood, so they would not unite against Cyrodiil. The Bosmer were loyal to Cyrodiil, until the last Akaviri Potentate died in 2E 430. The Camoran Dynasty tried to reestablish power, but failed, due to the cultural differences of each city. Without any main power, the Bosmer warred those around them, such as the Khajiits of Elsweyr, the Colovians of Cyrodiil, and in some cases, each other. Distracted by their quarrels, they were easily defeated by the Maormer of Pyandonea. Stability and relative peace finally arrived once Valenwood joined with Summerset Isle to form the Aldmeri Dominion and adopted a new government they called the Thalmor, which reigned until the closing years of the Second Era. When Tiber Septim absorbed Valenwood into the Third Empire during the Tiber Wars, he allowed the Bosmer to keep their city-state governments and a Camoran king.

For 50 years the Bosmer were stable until they began to feel annoyed at the Imperial government they were under. The Camoran Usurper rose up during this time, and recruited those who supported him, and killed those that opposed him. He attacked Cyrodiil, and the Bosmer were under his rule for 20 years until they gained the courage to leave his power. Valenwood no longer trusted other races, and isolated itself from the Empire. The Bosmer also started to return to traditional types of living, by surviving in the forest, they could keep away from the hectic political world, and many did. They still were attacked during the Imperial Simulacrum, by both Elsweyr and Summerset Isle, the latter of whom they once called ally.

In 4E 29, Valenwood's Imperial-friendly government was overthrown in a Thalmor-backed coup. Bosmer loyalists and supporting Imperial forces were subsequently defeated by better-prepared Bosmer troops aligned with the Thalmor. In the aftermath, Valenwood's new government proclaimed a union with Summerset Isle, now known as Alinor, and the third Aldmeri Dominion was formed.

[edit] Politics

Valenwood concept

At the end of the Third Era, the political system of Valenwood was in shambles, with the tribal council not having met in decades, and most decisions taken within families or clans. As the government weakened, other forces seemed to stir. The Wild Hunt was sighted for the first time in five centuries, and a Bosmer prophet known as The Precursor arose. He preached that Y'ffre, the Forest God, "is returning with new gifts for his favored people."[1]

[edit] Notable Places

A city far north in Valenwood.
Elden Grove
A sacred forest known as the birthplace of the First Tree.
Elden Root
A city in eastern-central Valenwood.
A moving city in northwestern Valenwood, which has recently rooted in the same place, near the shore.
A destroyed city once located in easternmost Valenwood.
A city in southern Valenwood, near the shore.
A city in the far southeast area Valenwood, near the shore.
A city in central Valenwood.
A city in far southeast area of Valenwood, farther west than Haven, near the shore.
A city in southwestern Valenwood, near the shore.
A city in southwestern Valenwood, near Falinesti.

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[edit] References

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