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There are nine symbols used in the puzzles that can be found primarily in Nordic Ruins, but also in other places, including some unmarked locations. They are used by Puzzle Doors, and three symbols are also used by the Stone Totems found in Nordic Ruins.


[edit] Totem Symbols

[edit] Puzzle Doors

Bear Totem Dragon Totem Eagle Totem
SR-item-Bear Totem.jpg SR-item-Dragon Totem.jpg SR-item-Hawk Totem.jpg
Fox Totem Moth Totem Owl Totem
SR-item-Fox Totem.jpg SR-item-Moth Totem.jpg SR-item-Owl Totem.jpg
Snake Totem Whale Totem Wolf Totem
SR-item-Snake Totem.jpg SR-item-Whale Totem.jpg SR-item-Wolf Totem.jpg

The "Eagle" symbol may also be referred to as "Hawk".

[edit] Puzzle Pillars

Eagle Stone
Snake Stone
Whale Stone
SR-item-Eagle Stone2.jpg SR-item-Snake Stone2.jpg SR-item-Whale Stone2.jpg

The "Eagle" symbol may also be referred to as "Hawk".

[edit] Dragon Claws

  • All of the Dragon Claws have three symbols on the palm that relate to a specific Nordic Ruin. The sequence reads from top to bottom.
Claw Sequence Nordic Ruin
Amethyst ClawDB Eagle—Wolf—Dragon Vahlok's TombDB
Coral Dragon Claw Snake—Wolf—Moth Yngol Barrow
Diamond Claw Fox—Moth—Dragon Skuldafn
Ebony Claw Fox—Moth—Dragon Korvanjund
Emerald Dragon Claw Bear—Whale—Snake Reachwater Rock
Glass Claw Fox—Owl—Snake Forelhost
Golden Claw Bear—Moth—Owl Bleak Falls Barrow
Iron Claw Dragon—Hawk—Wolf Valthume
Ivory Dragon Claw Hawk—Hawk—Dragon Folgunthur
Ruby Dragon Claw Wolf—Hawk—Wolf Dead Men's Respite
Sapphire Dragon Claw Moth—Owl—Wolf Shroud Hearth Barrow

[edit] Notes

[edit] Bugs

  • The rings of the puzzle door may not rotate, or the door may not open after the correct combination is set. Possible fixes are:
    • Save and then immediately load that save.
    • Load either the auto-save from the entrance, or a save from before you entered.
    • Exit the location, save, and load that save.
    • "Reset" the door by selecting the right combination and try the claw, then turn each ring once and try the claw again. Do this until the correct combination re-appears and try again.
    • Pc22.png Type tcl into the Console to clip through the door. Reenter the code once past. Note that unlock will not work.
    • Xbox360.png Clear the hard drive cache.

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