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Did you know...[edit]

  • ... that Malacath was supposedly created when Boethiah ate the Altmeri ancestor spirit Trinimac?
  • ... that Mehrunes Dagon is said to have been created in the bowels of Lyg by the Magna Ge?
  • ... that Meridia is believed to have originally been a Magna Ge, going by the name of Merid-Nunda?
  • ... that the First Era lasted 2920 years, the Second Era lasted 897 years, and the Third only lasted 433 years?
  • ... that Redguard is the only game in which you do not get to "create" your character?
  • ... that Oblivion is the first TES game in which the player's magicka regenerates on its own?
  • ... that Skyrim is the first TES game in which the player's health regenerates on its own?
  • ... that you can be crowned Emperor in ESO?
  • ... that there are 61 different kinds of glyphs on the Elder Scrolls, as well as a star map of the real world southern polar region?
  • ... that mazte is beer local to Morrowind, brewed from fermented saltrice?


dragons from lore.[edit]

Nafaalilargus= elf Servant ? (missing 'h' and one 'I'.) Fahliil= elf (missing 'a'.) Aar= Servant

Nafalilargus= elf servant ?

Nahfahlaar= for may ? fah= for aal= may

Skakmat= incomprehensible.

(not born a dragon) Tosh Raka= incomprehensible.