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This is where news for the main page is written, whether it be about the Elder Scrolls or about our site. If you would like to write news for the main page, simply create a header in the "Proposed News" section and write a brief news story underneath. Others will come by behind you and clean it up, and an administrator may feature it on the main page once it becomes brilliant prose.

Currently Featured News

Skyrim on Nintendo Switch — October 21, 2015[edit]

ON-prerelease-Witches Festival.jpg

Witches Festival Now Live — October 15, 2016[edit]

Sony Allows Mods, One Tamriel PC Release — October 6, 2016[edit]

PS4 Mod Support Blocked by Sony — September 9, 2016[edit]

ESO Update 12 News — August 23, 2016[edit]

Legends Starts Open Beta— August 4, 2016[edit]

QuakeCon 2016 Sales Start— August 4, 2016[edit]

Legends NDA Lifted — July 27, 2016[edit]

Shadows of the Hist Release Date — June 28, 2016[edit]

BE3 2016 Showcase — June 13, 2016[edit]

Skyrim Remaster Rumors — June 9, 2016[edit]

Dark Brotherhood Released — May 31, 2016[edit]

Legends Revealed — April 21, 2016[edit]

ON-prerelease-Chef Donolon.jpg

ESO Second Anniversary Event — March 30, 2016[edit]

Oblivion Turns Ten — March 20, 2016[edit]

Thieves Guild Announced — January 28, 2016[edit]

Proposed News[edit]

Skyrim Monopoly announced. Phoenix Neko (talk) 17:03, 22 October 2016 (UTC)

Past News[edit]