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Currently Featured News


The Elder Scrolls Online: Homestead Update Released — February 06, 2017[edit]

ON-pre-release-Morrowind 02.jpg

The Elder Scrolls Online: Morrowind Announced — January 31, 2017[edit]

Skyrim Confirmed for the Nintendo Switch — January 13, 2017[edit]

Skyrim Special Edition PS4 Patch — January 07, 2017[edit]

Steam Award 2016.png

Steam Winter Sale Begins Today — December 22, 2016[edit]

TamrielMap Christmas2016.jpg

Win a Map of Tamriel Poster for Christmas! — December 16, 2016[edit]

ESO Starts New Life Festival — December 15, 2016[edit]

Todd Howard Declared 2017 AIAS Hall of Fame Inductee — December 15, 2016[edit]

The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim Special Edition Patch 1.3 Released — December 14, 2016[edit]

Legends Chaos Arena Event — December 8, 2016[edit]

Homestead Player Housing Update Announced for ESO — December 6, 2016[edit]

Bethesda Pinball Skyrim Prerelease.jpg

Bethesda Pinball Released— December 6, 2016[edit]

Crown Crates Introduced — December 2, 2016[edit]

Oblivion on Xbox One — November 29, 2016[edit]

Skyrim Special Edition Now Available — October 28, 2016[edit]

The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim Special Edition Now Available for Preinstall — October 26, 2016[edit]

Skyrim on Nintendo Switch — October 21, 2016[edit]

Proposed News[edit]

Steam Profile Vulnerability[edit]

There is currently an issue with Steam profiles. Clicking on a profile link may result in malware and loss of account control. To avoid compromising your account, we recommend avoiding profile links until further notice. More info here.

The Elder Scrolls Online: New Morrowind Trailer[edit]

The first gameplay trailer for The Elder Scrolls Online: Morrowind has been revealed. This trailer shows off many locations in the game, such as numerous dungeons, settlements such as Seyda Neen and Vivec, the new trial (Halls of Fabrication), new abilities for the Warden class, and much more. Additionally, there are many details and interviews about the expansion released by many websites, due to some sort of embargo being lifted. More information, including a compilation of known knowledge, can be found on the official UESP blog here.

Past News[edit]