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Species Wamasu Gender
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A wamasu

Wamasu are dangerous reptiles native to Black Marsh. They use combinations of lightning, fire, and smoke when attacking their foes. While fire is primarily an offensive attack and smoke is used primarily to confuse their foes, lightning serves a dual role in attack and defense. They have a ferocious bite that is laced with the lightning that runs the length of their bodies at all times. Their bark can be as deadly as their bite, when they roar they emit a type of plasma into the air (the effects of which are currently unverified), that seems to be flammable, which would end with a giant fireball.

Wamasu, naturally, lay eggs when reproducing. These eggs emit lightning as the embryo fertilizes and grows. Once the lightning is gone, the egg is ready to hatch.

Unique Wamasu[edit]


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