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Telvanni slave market
Temple slave market
Hlaalu slave market
The slave pen in Habinbaes, notice the slave bracers
Slaves and Daedra in the Rotheran arena

Slavery was once widespread throughout Tamriel, whether it was the practice of using defeated enemies as slaves or selling your own children to combat hunger, and the Dunmer have raided Black Marsh for slaves for ages. In fact, enslavement of Humans, Orcs, Argonians and Khajiit by Elven races was traditionally permitted. The Ayleids, often depicted as brutal slavemasters of whole races, lost their hold on heartland Tamriel after the rebellion in 1E 242, led by Slave Queen Alessia. Even the former slave race Imperials pursued slavery, as Tiber Septim's army sold captive Bretons into slavery after the Battle of Sancre Tor.

Since the advent of the Third Era, slavery was illegal throughout the Empire, but protected by law in Morrowind. This exception was granted by Tiber Septim in the Armistice of 2E 896 as a concession to the Dunmer, who saw the use of slaves as their ancient right. Recent developments have seen the rise of Abolitionists such as the Twin Lamps, often with support from members of the leading families on Vvardenfell. Nonetheless, slavery is still in very widepread use in the province and the topic provokes strong reactions.

"We are disappointed that the Imperial Cult does not speak out against the inhumane practices of slavery in Morrowind. But perhaps you are right. It is by demonstrating our superior commitment to civilization and humanity that we best disprove the Dunmer's barbaric insistence that we are no more than animals." -- Im-Kilaya, Head of the Argonian Mission in Ebonheart

House Dres thrives on mass-abduction of Argonian and Khajiit into slavery, often with the support of local rival warlords, selling their own kind. Dres families work Argonian slaves on large Saltrice plantations on the southeast coast of Morrowind, while others profit from the slave trade itself. They hold thousands in their infamous slave-pens of Tear, to be shipped by smugglers to cave holding pens on the Bitter Coast. The plantations of House Hlaalu nobles make widespread use of slaves as farm labor. House Redoran employs them in a lesser degree, though some of their warriors use slaves like gladiators in ancient Rome, pitting them against beasts for entertainment. House Telvanni uses slaves as servants for housework and as labor in mines. Towns like Molag Mar, Suran and Tel Aruhn have regular slave markets.

Adventurers might run into escaped slaves on their travels, often in remote areas, in danger from guards, beasts and bounty hunters. Many smugglers' caves contain a number of slaves usually locked behind a gate. A safe haven for those poor souls is the Argonian Mission in Ebonheart. Slaves in captivity often have magical bracers preventing their escape, and you would have to find a slave key, should you wish to free them. After freeing 21 slaves, you'll be offered a dialog about the Twin Lamps and the Code Phrase "Have you seen the Twin Lamps?" to recognize fellow members, the answer required being: "They light the way to freedom."

[edit] Missing Keys

  • Slaves in areas without a slave key can be freed by using Command Humanoid to bring them to a place with a key.

[edit] Notable Slave Holdings

See the complete list and locations here: Slaves.

[edit] Related Quests

[edit] Main Quest

  • Zainab Nerevarine: You must travel to the Zainab camp and have them recognize you as the Nerevarine.

[edit] Imperial Cult

[edit] House Redoran

[edit] House Hlaalu

[edit] House Telvanni

[edit] Miscellaneous

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