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Divayth Fyr (divayth fyr)
Home Town Tel Fyr
Location Hall of Fyr
Race Dunmer Gender Male
Level 65 Class Sorcerer
Other Information
Health 999 Magicka 999
Alarm 70 Fight 30
Essential Always
Faction(s) (see notes)
Divayth Fyr

Divayth Fyr is an ancient Dunmer sorcerer who is the caretaker of the Corprusarium and the only person in the game who can cure your Corprus disease, acquired during the Main Quest. He is a member of Great House Telvanni, though he generally stays out of House politics. Although he is the oldest and one of the most respected members of the House, he is not a member of the Council, and has no intention of joining. He can be found at the top of Tel Fyr, his personal tower, where he lives with his four "daughters", who refer to themselves as his "wives": Alfe, Beyte, Delte, and Uupse. Divayth later reveals they are actually female clones of himself. He appears to be the oldest mortal character in the game–according to Alfe Fyr he is 4000 years old.

In addition to his key, Divayth has a full set of Daedric Armor, except the helmet. It is a token of his long life, as well as several ancient artifacts, including Scourge and the Cuirass of the Savior's Hide. His armor contains the only Daedric Pauldrons and the only unenchanted Daedric Cuirass in Vvardenfell. Unfortunately, you cannot directly obtain them from him without a fight. Killing him is an extremely bad idea, as he is essential for a major section of the Main Quest. Instead, you can acquire them by casting Disintegrate Armor on him repeatedly until they break, casting Calm Humanoid to stop him from attacking you, and pickpocketing the broken armor off him and repairing it, or you can simply kill him once the main quest line is completed. This is the only way to acquire a complete set of the armor without both the Tribunal and Bloodmoon expansions installed.

Fyr is also likely to be the second most knowledgeable person in the game, falling just behind Yagrum Bagarn. Along with him, he can teach you about the Dwemer and Corprus Disease. He takes a deep interest in their history, as is evident in his workroom, where you may find many Dwemer artifacts, not to mention the Corprusarium beneath the halls of his tower, which he considers a "hobby". His luxurious care of Bagarn, likely the last living Dwarf, is also a testament to his pursuits.

Aside from his natural resistance to fire and the sanctuary provided by his ancestors, he knows the following spells: Summon Flame Atronach, Summon Storm Atronach, Strong Spelldrinker, Wild Spelldrinker, Strong Reflect, Command Creature, Command Humanoid, Command Beast, and Dire Weary.

Related Quests[edit]

Main Quest[edit]

  • Corprus Cure: Find a way to cure the dreaded Corprus disease.

House Telvanni[edit]

  • Coded Message: Deliver a coded message to Divayth Fyr in Tel Fyr.

Mages Guild[edit]

Official Plug-ins[edit]


  • Greetings:
    • "Well! What a pleasure! A visitor! An entertaining diversion! Come to consult the great Divayth Fyr? You have the divine disease? Want to plunder the dungeon? Or leer at my daughters?"
    • "You again? A surprise, and a pleasure! Didn't we have a satisfactory chat? Something else you want to know about the divine disease? Eager to plunder the dungeon? Questions about my daughters?"
    • "Well? Did you get my boots? No boots, no potion...."
  • Alfe Fyr: "Alfe Fyr is the sharpest of my girls, in wit and tongue. Gets on my nerves, sometimes, but conflict is the spice of life."
  • Beyte Fyr: "Beyte Fyr is the sweet one. Eager to please, and be pleased. An excellent cook, and a lovely singing voice."
  • Corprusarium: "I collect victims of the divine disease in my Corprusarium in the caverns beneath my tower. Poor devils. Wretched existence. Constant pain. Ferocious appetites and passions. No reason at all. Mad as marsh rats. But marvelous, too, in their way. Completely immune to disease. Live forever, barring accidents. Ancient wizards need projects to keep them occupied, and the Corprusarium is mine."
  • daughters: "Not bad for someone born in a jar, eh? Charming and talented. Not daughters, really. A little project, a side benefit of my researches into corprus disease. Made them myself, from my own flesh. Nice, aren't they? Alfe Fyr, Beyte Fyr, Delte Fyr, and Uupse Fyr. Quite a comfort to me in my old age. Hah hah."
  • Delte Fyr: "Delte Fyr is the efficient one. Organized and orderly. She acts as our steward, manages accounts, maintains supplies, keeps the tower and Corprusarium running."
  • Dwemer piece:
    • "Thank you for your gift."
  • Egg of Time: "This is an interesting work. Yagrum Bagarn might be able to tell you more."
  • plunder the dungeon: "When you live for thousands of years, you need a hobby. Something you love, always sparks your interest. I collect treasures, and invite thieves to steal them. I'm a collector, and a sportsman. I collect enchanted items and ancient artifacts. Have quite a few Dwemer pieces. And, as a sportsman, I love letting thieves try to steal my well-guarded treasures. Only a few rules. One, don't hurt the inmates. Two, don't hurt my daughters. My Warden and guards can look out for themselves."
  • potion:
    • "Yes. As I said, go down into the Corprusarium. Find an inmate named Yagrum Bagarn. Get a pair of boots from him. Then bring them back to me, and I'll give you a potion that will cure you of corprus. I think."
  • strong Souls: "The souls of a summoned creature will work just as well. Just summon a storm atronach, cast soul trap on it, and dispatch it. Do this twice while carrying a powerful soul gem and give the gems to Llunela Hleran."
  • the divine disease: "The magical principles of corprus disease are elusive and miraculous, far more subtle and powerful than any conventional sorcery or enchantment. I'm persuaded that it is in some manner the curse or blessing of a god. Perhaps both a curse and a blessing. The victim, of course, cannot appreciate the marvelous nature of corprus. It saps the mind and destroys the body. But to a wizard, it is a profound and glorious mystery, a riddle worth a long lifetime of study."
  • Uupse Fyr: "Uupse Fyr is the girl with the biggest heart. She takes care of the inmates of the Corprusarium, and helps with my researches."
  • Warden: "Vistha-Kai, the Argonian, is my Warden of the Corprusarium. Quite a fighter. Tough as nails. Self-taught. Works out with my daughters, who are no slouches at the martial arts themselves. Vistha-Kai was one of the last of my slaves. Freed him, and he wouldn't leave. Kept him on as a hireling, then made him my partner. Excellent fellow. Fine companion. Not an intellectual, you understand, but good company for me and my daughters."
  • Yagrum Bagarn: "Yagrum Bagarn is my oldest corprus victim. You'll find him in the bowels of the Corprusarium. Interesting case."


  • Divayth Fyr is an honorary member of House Telvanni, but he is not technically a member of the Telvanni faction. This was probably done so that his disposition does not lower if you are a member of one of the rival Houses or factions.
  • He is mentioned in the books The Doors of Oblivion and Varieties of Daedra. Doors of Oblivion lists him as the only known wizard alive who can travel between the realms at will.
  • At one point in the Telvanni questline, Master Aryon requests that Divayth Fyr join the Council. In response, Fyr politely refuses.
  • Divayth Fyr has the most health and is the highest level NPC in the vanilla game.