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Western Reach
Type Region
Continent Tamriel
Province High Rock
Appears in Arena
The area where the Western Reach is located

The Western Reach is actually the easternmost section of the province of High Rock and its name is derived from its location on Skyrim's western border. It was one of the Skyrim Holds during the First Empire which was retaken by the Aldmeri during the Dissolution of Skyrim's Empire, at a great cost of Nordic life. As a prevention against further incursions from Skyrim, the Elves fashioned the Western Reach into an impregnable barrier. It was because of this that the Reach remained under Elven rule the longest of any part of High Rock which can still be seen today. Even for Bretons, Reachmen are a mongrel breed composed of nearly every race on Tamriel. Although the Elven Overlords were killed when the Reach was 'freed', Aldmeri blood is still strong in the Reachmen and share many Elven traits. They also learned customs and magic from the Orcs who share the mountains of the Reach. The Reachmagic is still widely studied although banned by the Mages Guild who fear it as dangerous and wild. Reachmen are often refereed to as the Witchmen of High Rock.


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