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This is a list of all the known Argonian names, compiled from the games.


[edit] Naming convention

There are three types of Argonian names.

  • 1-word names
  • Hyphenated Argonian names (sometimes the hyphen(s) are omitted)
  • Tamrielic/Cyrodilic names, with or without hyphens

Argonians often refer to their non-Cyrodilic names as their "Black Marsh name."

In some cases, the Cyrodilic names are just translations of their Argonian hyphenated names. There are only two cases where we know both the Argonian and Cyrodilic names of a single individual, "Haj-Ei" ("Hides-His-Eyes") found in Suran, and "Gah Julan" ("Great Benefit") outside of Dren Plantation, both in Morrowind. In other cases, the Argonians were evidently given Cyrodilic names without any consideration for their Argonian names. The Cyrodilic name may be used preferentially when the person's Argonian name cannot be pronounced by non-Argonians.

[edit] Male Argonian Names

[edit] Arena


[edit] Arena and Daggerfall

  • Given names for male Argonians in Arena and Daggerfall seem to consist of one of thirteen prefixes and one of thirteen suffixes.
  • The 13 prefixes for male Argonian names are: Alex, Antigon, August, Calig, Claud, Demetr, Dioclet, German, Her, Jul, Ner, Pil, Tib
  • The 13 suffixes for male Argonian names are: acles, andros, ate, erius, ian, iar, icus, ides, ios, ius, os, ula, us

Therefore, all of the male Argonian names in Arena and Daggerfall are:

Alexacles, Alexandros, Alexate, Alexerius, Alexian, Alexiar, Alexicus, Alexides, Alexios, Alexius, Alexos, Alexula, Alexus,
Antigonacles, Antigonandros, Antigonate, Antigonerius, Antigonian, Antigoniar, Antigonicus, Antigonides, Antigonios, Antigonius, Antigonos, Antigonula, Antigonus,
Augustacles, Augustandros, Augustate, Augusterius, Augustian, Augustiar, Augusticus, Augustides, Augustios, Augustius, Augustos, Augustula, Augustus,
Caligacles, Caligandros, Caligate, Caligerius, Caligian, Caligiar, Caligicus, Caligides, Caligios, Caligius, Caligos, Caligula, Caligus,
Claudacles, Claudandros, Claudate, Clauderius, Claudian, Claudiar, Claudicus, Claudides, Claudios, Claudius, Claudos, Claudula, Claudus,
Demetracles, Demetrandros, Demetrate, Demetrerius, Demetrian, Demetriar, Demetricus, Demetrides, Demetrios, Demetrius, Demetros, Demetrula, Demetrus,
Diocletacles, Diocletandros, Diocletate, Diocleterius, Diocletian, Diocletiar, Diocleticus, Diocletides, Diocletios, Diocletius, Diocletos, Diocletula, Diocletus,
Germanacles, Germanandros, Germanate, Germanerius, Germanian, Germaniar, Germanicus, Germanides, Germanios, Germanius, Germanos, Germanula, Germanus,
Heracles, Herandros, Herate, Hererius, Herian, Heriar, Hericus, Herides, Herios, Herius, Heros, Herula, Herus,
Julacles, Julandros, Julate, Julerius, Julian, Juliar, Julicus, Julides, Julios, Julius, Julos, Julula, Julus,
Neracles, Nerandros, Nerate, Nererius, Nerian, Neriar, Nericus, Nerides, Nerios, Nerius, Neros, Nerula, Nerus,
Pilacles, Pilandros, Pilate, Pilerius, Pilian, Piliar, Pilicus, Pilides, Pilios, Pilius, Pilos, Pilula, Pilus,
Tibacles, Tibandros, Tibate, Tiberius, Tibian, Tibiar, Tibicus, Tibides, Tibios, Tibius, Tibos, Tibula, Tibus

[edit] Redguard

1-Word: Dreekius

[edit] Morrowind

1-Word: Asum, Bunish, Busheeus, Chalureel, Chiwish, Chulz, Chuna, Haran, Hathei, Heedul, Huleeya, Huzei, Inee, Itan, Meer, Milos, Neetinei, Okaw, Peeradeeh, Rasha, Reemukeeus, Reesa, Seewul, Skeetul, Tanan, Teegla, Tul, Ukawei, Ula, Utadeek, Weeltul, Weer
Hyp. Arg: An-Zaw, Bun-Teemeeta, Dan-Ru, Effe-Tei, Eleedal-Lei, Gah Julan, Gam-Kur, Geel-Lah, Haj-Ei, Han-Tulm, Heem-La, Heir-Zish, Im-Kilaya, Jeelus-Tei, Jeer-Maht, J'Ram-Dar, Junal-Lei, Keerasa-Tan, Miun-Gei, Mush-Mere, Okan-Shei, Oleen-Gei, Olink-Nur, Reeh-Jah, Silm-Dar, Tee-Lan, Tim-Jush, Vistha-Kai, Wanan-Dum, Wih-Eius, Wud-Neeus, Wuleen-Shei
Cyrodilic: Also-He-Washes, Basks-In-The-Sun, Big Head, Dreaded-Water, Fine-Mouth, Grey-Throat, Hides-His-Eyes, Hides-His-Foot, High-Heart, Morning-Star-Steals-Away-Clouds, Nelix Fly-Breath, Nine-Toes, Only-He-Stands-There, Skink-in-Tree's-Shade, Smart-Snake, Smokeskin-Killer, Stream-Murk, Swims-In-Swells, Ten-Tongues Weerhat, Tongue-Toad, Twice-Bitten, Wind-In-His-Hair

  'J'Ram-Dar' fits the construction of a Khajiiti name moreso than Argonian. Whether this was a mistake or whether he was intended to have some back-story for this uncharacteristic name is impossible to guess, but the former is more likely given how inconsequential this character is in the game.

[edit] Shadowkey

1-Word: Sissithik, Yelnicin
Hyp. Arg: Porliss Caith

[edit] Oblivion

1-Word: Amusei, Deeh, Geel, Jeelius, Mahei, Otumeel, Pajeen, Reenum, Sakeepa, Saliith, Teekeeus, Teinaava, Usheeja, Wumeek, Yinz'r
Hyp. Arg: Ah-Malz, Ajum-Kajin, Beem-Kiurz, Dar Jee, Deetum-Ja, Dreet-Lai, Er-Teeus, Geem Jasaiin, Gin-Wulm, Jee-Tah, Jeetum-Ze, Oleed-Ei, Pad-Ei, Tun-Zeeus, Weebam-Na
Cyrodilic: Big Head, Cat-Face, Grey-Throat, Hauls-Ropes-Faster, Hears-Voices-In-The-Air, Hides-His-Heart, Hunting Tail, Raven Biter, Right-Wind, Scar-Tail, Sings-Like-Thunder, Tooth-in-the-Sea

[edit] Skyrim

1-Word: Deekus, Derkeethus, Madesi, Neetrenaza, Usha, Veezara
Hyp. Arg: Beem-Ja, Brand-Shei*, Gajul-Lei, Gulum-Ei, Ilas-Tei, Jaree-Ra, Talen-Jei, Teeba-Ei
Cyrodilic: Deep-In-His-Cups, Scouts-Many-Marshes, Stands-In-Shallows, Watches-The-Roots

* This character is, in fact, Dunmer. However, he was raised by Argonians and given an Argonian name, hence his inclusion in this list.

[edit] Online

2x: Bends-Iron (1, 2), Plays-With-Fire (1, 2)
1-Word: Azeel, Azinar, Banka, Barnaxi, Batuus, Beshnus, Bijot, Bosekus, Bunach, Buujhan, Chakuk, Chalish, Chilwir, Chitakus, Darasken, Debameel, Deegeeta, Deekonus, Deekum, Demeepa, Dezanu, Drumarz, Dunaxith, Esqoo, Hareeya, Jaraleet, Jeela, Jeelus, Jilux, Kepanuu, Kiameed, Lotash, Luteema, Maahi, Maheelius, Mathei, Meejapa, Meensuda, Miharil, Mobareed, Mohimeem, Mopakuz, Motuu, Mujeen, Muranatepa, Napetui, Nazuux, Nebutil, Neetzara, Neposh, Netapatuu, Nexith, Nodeeus, Nosaleeth, Nowajeem, Obaxith, Okeeh, Onuja, Opatieel, Pacheeva, Parash, Paduxi, Pejureel, Petaxai, Pideelus, Pojeel, Radithax, Rareel, Redieeus, Resari, Rupah, Sakeeus, Sejaijilax, Shakiis, Sureeus, Tanaka, Teeka, Teineeja, Terezeeus, Tikaasi, Ukatsei, Ulawa, Utadeek, Utamukeeus, Utatul, Veekas, Veenaza, Vudeelal, Wayiteh
Hyp. Arg: Abijoo-Anoo, Am-Sakka, An-Jeen-Sakka, An-Jeen-Seek, Aojee-Da, Az-Muz, Azjai-Tee, Baar-Taeed, Bar-Neeus, Batar-Meej, Bimee-Kas, Cheedal-Gah, Chee-Sei, Dakee-Goh, Deed-Mema, Depasa-Chath, Deroh-Metaku, Ei-Eiuus, Ei-Etaku, Er-Jaseen, Gam-Kur, Geeh-Lurz, Heem-Jas, Hixeeh-Raj, Im-Kajin, Im-Zish, Ja-Reet, Jeer-Tei, Jin-Ei, Kamax-Ei, Keema-Ta, Lara-Eix, Loh-Jat, Luh-Maxath, Marz-Ja, Neeti-Nur, Nema-Pachat, Noyei-Heem, Nulaz-Eidu, Olik-Jah, Onurai-Betu, Owai-Leem, Pimaxi-Loh, Ree-Kia, Reezal-Jul, Sar-Keer, Tah-Tehat, Tan-Skee, Taleel-Bex, Topeeth-Gih, Topith-Kuz, Uxith-Ei, Vara-Zeen, Wanum-Neeus, Xal-Geh, Yinz-Hei
Cyrodilic: Appraising-Spine, Back-Wash, Basks-In-Darkness, Black-Scale, Claws-In-Gloves, Conjures-with-Toes, Counts-the-Clouds, Cuts-with-the-Grain, Cuts-with-Words, Dazzling-Tail, Deep-in-Cups, Deep-Thoughts, Deepswimmer, Doubts-the-Moon, Dreams-of-Sleep, Dreams-Simply, Drifts-On-Wind, Drinks-With-Crabs, Drinks-With-Toes, Dull-Scales, Dusty-Claws, Eager-to-Leave, Eats-Many-Hearts, Eleven-Skips, Eyes-In-Shadow, Eyes-Like-Water, Fast-Finder, Fetches-Glitter, Fills-Up-on-Fish, Fish-Fingers, Fish-Whispers, Five-Coins, Flat-Head, Forest-Child, Friends-with-Moon, Frog-Swallows-Frog, Grinds-Nails, Has-No-Regrets, Hidden-Hands, Hides-in-Mud, Honest-Feet, Hops-over-Roots, Hops-Over-Fires, Hunts-in-Shadow, Iron-Claws, Iron-In-Blood, Last-to-Water, Laughs-at-All, Laughs-at-Danger, Laughs-at-Turtles, Leaks-When-Struck, Leaves-No-Tracks, Listens-to-Water, Looks-Under-Rocks, Low-Neck, Makes-No-Soup, Marches-Proud, Marsh-Wader, Moves-Many-Rocks, Mud-Suits-Him, Mud-Toes, Narrows-His-Eyes, Nimble-Hands, No-Fingers, Not-So-Quick, Pain-Giver, Paints-with-Dreams, Pale-Eyes, Picks-Many-Fights, Proud-Scale, Prowls-in-Stealth, Restless-Tail, Rides-the-River, Runs-Across-Water, Runs-In-Wild, Runs-With-Quickness, Seeks-the-Night, Seeks-the-Sun, Sees-Many-Fish, Seven-Bellies, Shade-Runner, Shakes-at-Thunder, Shield-Scale, Shines-In-Moonlight, Short-Scales, Silent-Moss, Silver-Gills, Sings-to-Crystal, Six-Coins, Skips-the-Pebble, Sleeps-Beneath-Himself, Sleeps-on-Shield, Slow-Tail, Smells-Like-Guar, Smooth-as-Wind, Soft-Scale, Speaks-Spells-Gently, Speaks-with-Blades, Stands-In-Still-Water, Stands-In-Thought, Steady-Hand, Stormy-Eyes, Strikes-from-Shadows, Sun-Belly, Swift-Catch, Swift-Light, Swift-Prestidigitator, Swift-Tail, Swims-in-Spells, Thick-Spine, Thinks-With-Belly, Three-Toes, Tips-the-Scales, Trades-for-Gold, Trades-with-Vigor, Trills-So-Sweet, Trouble-Finder, Two-Scales, Under-Clouds-Darkened, Walks-Through-Fog, Walks-With-Mudcrabs, Walks-with-Pride, Walks-with-Purpose, Walks-With-Spirits, Watcher-From-Afar, Watches-Water, Weaves-Nets, Weaves-One-Basket, Wind-in-Sails

[edit] Out-of-Game Books

Cyrodilic: Footfalls-in-Snow

[edit] Lore

1-Word: Binyaar, Deerkaza, Jaraleet, Juunei, Nomu, Shehs, Schiavas, Tsleeixth, Ullis
Cyrodilic: Croon-Tail, Dives-From-Below, Drawing-Flame, Furl-Of-Fresh-Leaves, Gash-Tail, Right-Foot-Rock, Scale-Song

[edit] Female Argonian Names

[edit] Arena and Daggerfall

  • Given names for female Argonians in Arena and Daggerfall seem to consist of one of thirteen prefixes and one of thirteen suffixes.
  • The 13 prefixes for female Argonian names are: Aph, Art, Ath, Dem, Hec, Her, Jud, Maced, Nik, Per, Tab, Ter, Tyr
  • The 13 suffixes for female Argonian names are: atea, emis, ena, etera, ia, iana, icla, ina, ithea, omeda, onia, osyna, rodite

Therefore, all of the female Argonian names in Arena and Daggerfall are:

Aphatea, Aphemis, Aphena, Aphetera, Aphia, Aphiana, Aphicla, Aphina, Aphithea, Aphomeda, Aphonia, Aphosyna, Aphrodite,
Artatea, Artemis, Artena, Artetera, Artia, Artiana, Articla, Artina, Artithea, Artomeda, Artonia, Artosyna, Artrodite,
Athatea, Athemis, Athena, Athetera, Athia, Athiana, Athicla, Athina, Athithea, Athomeda, Athonia, Athosyna, Athrodite,
Dematea, Dememis, Demena, Demetera, Demia, Demiana, Demicla, Demina, Demithea, Demomeda, Demonia, Demosyna, Demrodite,
Hecatea, Hecemis, Hecena, Hecetera, Hecia, Heciana, Hecicla, Hecina, Hecithea, Hecomeda, Heconia, Hecosyna, Hecrodite,
Heratea, Heremis, Herena, Heretera, Heria, Heriana, Hericla, Herina, Herithea, Heromeda, Heronia, Herosyna, Herrodite,
Judatea, Judemis, Judena, Judetera, Judia, Judiana, Judicla, Judina, Judithea, Judomeda, Judonia, Judosyna, Judrodite,
Macedatea, Macedemis, Macedena, Macedetera, Macedia, Macediana, Macedicla, Macedina, Macedithea, Macedomeda, Macedonia, Macedosyna, Macedrodite,
Nikatea, Nikemis, Nikena, Niketera, Nikia, Nikiana, Nikicla, Nikina, Nikithea, Nikomeda, Nikonia, Nikosyna, Nikrodite,
Peratea, Peremis, Perena, Peretera, Peria, Periana, Pericla, Perina, Perithea, Peromeda, Peronia, Perosyna, Perrodite,
Tabatea, Tabemis, Tabena, Tabetera, Tabia, Tabiana, Tabicla, Tabina, Tabithea, Tabomeda, Tabonia, Tabosyna, Tabrodite,
Teratea, Teremis, Terena, Teretera, Teria, Teriana, Tericla, Terina, Terithea, Teromeda, Teronia, Terosyna, Terrodite,
Tyratea, Tyremis, Tyrena, Tyretera, Tyria, Tyriana, Tyricla, Tyrina, Tyrithea, Tyromeda, Tyronia, Tyrosyna, Tyrrodite

[edit] Morrowind

1-Word: Ahaht, Akish, Banalz, Beekatan, Eutei, Gilm, Gish, Hul, Kasa, Milah, Nakuma, Neesha, Nuralg, Nush, Okur, Onasha, Shatalg, Tasha, Wusha
Hyp. Arg: Ah-Meesei, Am-Ra, An-Deesei, Chanil-Lee, Cheesh-Meeus, Deesh-Meeus, El-Lurasha, Ereel-Lei, Gih-Ja, Jeed-Ei, Kal-Ma, Keel-Raniur, Meeh-Mei, Meen-Sa, Mim-Jeen, Muz-Ra, Nam-La, Olank-Neeus, On-Wan, On-Wazei, Seen-Rei
Cyrodilic: Breech-Star, Snail-Tail, Tern-Feather, Travelling-New-Woman

[edit] Oblivion

1-Word: Beelei, Beewos, Bejeen, Deetsan, Druja, Marz, Numeen, Ocheeva, Pasha, Rana, Shaleez, Skaleel, Witseidutsei
Hyp. Arg: Bur-Meema, Dar-Ma, Hal-Liurz, Kud-Ei, Mach-Na, Seed-Neeus, Sheer Meedish, Tar-Meena, Weedum-Ja
Cyrodilic: City-Swimmer, On-Staya Sundew, Quill-Weave, Runs-In-Circles, Tall-Trees-Falling, Wide-Eye

[edit] Skyrim

1-Word: Deeja, Keerava, Shahvee, Wujeeta
Cyrodilic: From-Deepest-Fathoms, Takes-In-Light

[edit] Online

1-Word: Akeenus, Akishan, Aleeto, Amussa, Asheemar, Asska, Awas, Azum, Baseenar, Beela, Betzi, Bishalus, Bokeeus, Chalaree, Chimatei, Chirurgeon, Cholasistu, Churasu, Deetwos, Meerana, Neetizei, Niima, Reesa, Telixith, Weewish
Hyp. Arg: Adzi-Mota, Ah-Kajul, Ah-Mudeska, Ah-Seeba, Ahmuna-La, Ajim-Kiurz, Am-Eepa, Am-Jasuda, An-Jeen, Anozz-Crath, Azbai-Meenus, Azeez-Eix, Bar-Beekus, Beek-Ja, Beek-Nassa, Beem-Tei, Ber-Jaseen, Bura-Natoo, Chana-La, Chee-Dooka, Chee-Osheeka, Chee-Saak, Cheesh-Mei, Ree-Zish, Shei-Chuna, Tumma-Shah, Veek-Gai, Wuja-Ei
Cyrodilic: Amber-Eyes, Argues-with-Frogs, Axe-Fist, Bathed-in-Steel, Bitten-Once-Shy, Black-Silk-Earth, Blazing-Glory, Blue-Bird, Blue-Eyes, Blue-Scale, Born-Under-Stars, Borrows-Trouble, Branded-Heart, Calls-to-Nature, Calm-Water, Chews-on-Moss, Coin-Hoarder, Gold-Tail, Lights-Sparks, One-Eye, Scale-Mender, Sees-All-Colors, Silver-Throat, Swims-the-Seas

[edit] Out-of-Game Books

Cyrodilic: Sees-All-Colors

[edit] Lore

1-Word: Awas, Sanax, Sigerthe, Zollassa
Hyp. Arg: Xil-Go
Cyrodilic: Lifts-Her-Tail, Makes-Many-Waves

[edit] Argonian Family Names

Since Morrowind, Argonians do not as a rule have family names, but in the earlier games they did.

[edit] Arena


[edit] Arena and Daggerfall

  • Surnames for Argonians in Arena and Daggerfall seem to consist of one of thirteen prefixes and one of thirteen suffixes.
  • The 13 prefixes for Argonian surnames are: Andro, Augus, Ca, Cae, Cali, Gal, Mag, Me, Ni, Per, Theo, Tiber, Xer
  • The 13 suffixes for Argonian surnames are: cles, des, dorus, gulus, lus, mean, mus, nes, sar, seus, sion, ssius, tus

Therefore, all of the Argonian surnames in Arena and Daggerfall are:

Androcles, Androdes, Androdorus, Androgulus, Androlus, Andromean, Andromus, Andrones, Androsar, Androseus, Androsion, Androssius, Androtus,
Auguscles, Augusdes, Augusdorus, Augusgulus, Auguslus, Augusmean, Augusmus, Augusnes, Augussar, Augusseus, Augussion, Augusssius, Augustus,
Cacles, Cades, Cadorus, Cagulus, Calus, Camean, Camus, Canes, Casar, Caseus, Casion, Cassius, Catus,
Caecles, Caedes, Caedorus, Caegulus, Caelus, Caemean, Caemus, Caenes, Caesar, Caeseus, Caesion, Caessius, Caetus,
Calicles, Calides, Calidorus, Caligulus, Calilus, Calimean, Calimus, Calines, Calisar, Caliseus, Calision, Calissius, Calitus,
Galcles, Galdes, Galdorus, Galgulus, Gallus, Galmean, Galmus, Galnes, Galsar, Galseus, Galsion, Galssius, Galtus,
Magcles, Magdes, Magdorus, Maggulus, Maglus, Magmean, Magmus, Magnes, Magsar, Magseus, Magsion, Magssius, Magtus,
Mecles, Medes, Medorus, Megulus, Melus, Memean, Memus, Menes, Mesar, Meseus, Mesion, Messius, Metus,
Nicles, Nides, Nidorus, Nigulus, Nilus, Nimean, Nimus, Nines, Nisar, Niseus, Nision, Nissius, Nitus,
Percles, Perdes, Perdorus, Pergulus, Perlus, Permean, Permus, Pernes, Persar, Perseus, Persion, Perssius, Pertus,
Theocles, Theodes, Theodorus, Theogulus, Theolus, Theomean, Theomus, Theones, Theosar, Theoseus, Theosion, Theossius, Theotus,
Tibercles, Tiberdes, Tiberdorus, Tibergulus, Tiberlus, Tibermean, Tibermus, Tibernes, Tibersar, Tiberseus, Tibersion, Tiberssius, Tibertus,
Xercles, Xerdes, Xerdorus, Xergulus, Xerlus, Xermean, Xermus, Xernes, Xersar, Xerseus, Xersion, Xerssius, Xertus

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